X-Force Performance Exhaust is renowned for inventing and manufacturing the Varex Exhaust system. This exhaust has been the top choice of professionals and enthusiasts who want control over their sound levels since you can adjust the sound with the click of a button. XForce wanted a way to take control over the system even more, which prompted the development of their of the Varex Smart Box.

The idea behind the Varex Smart Box Bluetooth Exhaust Controller is that it will know when and how to change the exhaust for the driver, while doing so with precision. This box was designed to sense the exact sound it needs to produce at the exact moment. The company has essentially created the most user-friendly Variable Exhaust System, and as a byproduct reduces the stress of owning a car with a loud performance exhaust on it.

Users can operate and change the settings of the box via a smartphone app. The connection between the boxes and smartphone are made using Bluetooth technology, and control can be set up manually, or automatically.

Manual mode allows for precise manual adjustments of the exhaust valve positions, and the choice of custom pre-set exhaust valve positions. Matrix mode lends automatic control of the exhaust valve positions; the automatic mode makes its decisions based on real-time data about speed, throttle, and RPM range. There’s also a geo mode that allows users to preset locations where they need their exhaust to be a bit quieter than normal.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in precise and easy control over your exhaust system, the XForce Varex Smart Box Bluetooth Exhaust Controller is exactly what you need!