For over 100 years, Vogtland Autosport has developed and produced aftermarket suspension products such as lowering springs, sport suspension kits, and adjustable height kits. And these products are manufactured to exacting standards at the company’s headquarters in Hagen, Germany. Expanding its portfolio, Vogtland recently debuted an adjustable coilover system for the S550 Mustang platform.

“Our coilover kit was specifically designed to fine-tune the S550 platform,” CEO of Vogtland USA Leila Vizzari said. “All of our kits are built in Germany and are produced using full threaded bodies and a twin-tube damper to control the custom higher spring rates. This ensures that the sprung and unsprung mass of the vehicle is properly controlled providing S550 enthusiasts greater drivability and confidence when behind the wheel.”

Vogtland Coilover Features

• Lower center of gravity (1- to 2-inch adjustability)

• Higher spring rate

• Improves stance and look

• Made in Germany

• 10-year warranty

The company is no stranger to the Mustang market, either. Back in 2015, Vogtland released a set of sport springs that not only improved the handling and performance of the S550 but enhanced their stance by lowering the ride height approximately 1.6-inches in the front and the rear.

The Vogtland coilover kit is produced using special oil-tempered spring steels of high-tensile strength chrome-silicon and chrome-silicon-vanadium alloys using the cold coiling process. This provides reduced spring weight with high strength, effectively reducing the unsprung weight of the vehicle and optimizing its handling characteristics.

The new 2015+ Mustang kit will be available early 2018. For more information on the entire line of Vogtland products, you can visit the company’s official website here.