Walking around any show a number of late model vehicles can be seen everywhere, especially at the SEMA Show. Seeing a clean vehicle like the 1995 Ford Bronco we spotted at the Vision Wheels booth made us stop in our path.

We heard about the Bronco before heading out to the show, but seeing it in person gave us a whole new appreciation. The vehicle also made it into the Top 12 for SEMA’s Battle of the Builders competition which is great to see as it is mainly made up of classics.

Peeking from the underside of the Bronco was a twin I-beam suspension with an eye popping blue powder coat finish.

“The idea behind the build was to create a full luxury prerunner with tons of off-road capabilities,” Cris Payne of Truck Guru explained. “The Bronco features all of the top manufacturers in the industry and can perform just as well as it looks. The truck was managed and designed by Truck Guru and all the fab work was done by Dezert Lab.”

This vehicle is loaded with tons of features like a four-linked rear, twin I-beam front, BF Goodrich tires wrapped in Vision Wheels forged beadlocks, custom King bypasses and coilovers, a four-inch Camburg 4130 rear differential. With a full roll cage, custom bumpers, light rack, Fenix AI lighting, Royalty Core grille, McNeil Racing fiberglass, custom paint job, Prismatic Powder chassis and parts the luxury Bronco is ready to fly through the desert.

May look like under the hood of a hot rod, but this is one mean desert machine.

“We went with a Coyote because of the horsepower and the proven power with add-ons like tunes, headers, and exhaust,” Payne continued. “We sit at 895 horsepower with the Whipple supercharger with a 9.5:1 compression rate and some of the internals done. Ford dubbed this setup the Cobra Jet and we can’t wait to test this out.”

Dual UMP filters, custom billet valve covers, headers, custom exhaust keep the modifications coming under the hood. The 5.0-liter Coyote is backed by an RKL built 4L80 billet trans that will withstand all the abuse off-road.

“My favorite part of the build is the fact that literally the fact that every single piece has been touched, changed, and modified,” Payne said. “The whole chassis has been powder coated as well as the parts. The inside has plenty of luxury from the beard seats to the Bentley carpet.”

The interior of the Bronco is packed with amazing partners as well. From the custom interior Beard seats, M&M Fabwerx tin work, Racepak dash, communication system, custom shifter, full luxury interior by Ish formally of West Coast Customs, and Bentley carpet.

This interior looks like it should be in a million dollar supercar.

“We hoped to take home a few awards at SEMA and making it into the Battle of the Builders Top 12 is a true accomplishment,” Payne said. “The Bronco will be dialed to perfection after the show before it heads overseas to its owner.”

We wish the Bronco the best in the Battle of the Builders competition and will have to wait until Friday night at SEMA ignited to see how it fairs against the competition. What do you think of an off-road monster like this in Battle of the Builders? Tell us in the comments below!