If there is one thing that many enthusiasts would like to do, it’s put headers on their late-model hot rod. Unfortunately, a certain state West of the Mississippi is not keen on that idea. Well my western friends, JBA Headers is about to rock your world.

There line of Cat4ward headers has received CARB certification, and are now legal for use on vehicles in sunny California. “What we have done, is come up with performance headers that will retain the catalytic converter. They have a CARB EO number, which makes them legal, and they still enhance performance,” according to Don Lindfors of JBA’s parent company Pertronix.

All JBA headers are made of stainless steel, and are available in three finishes, a raw or ceramic coated finish, as well as a titanium finish that has a “greenish/gray” finish according to Lindfors. To gain the EO certification, JBA had to ensure that all emissions equipment like catalytic converters and O2 sensors are still employed as the factory intended.

“The EPA and CARB have really been cracking down more and more on manufacturers, and yeah, we build long-tube race headers, but they are for race cars, not street cars. But, we now also have the legal versions in our Cat4ward headers for the guy that really is driving on the street,” Don said.

So, if you haven’t headers for your hot rod because you’re worried about being illegal, now is your chance to increase your cars performance with JBA, and keep it street legal.