Hyperco has long been known as a supplier of high-performance suspension springs and related components that supports motorsports, street performance and off-road markets. Committed to stock and custom suspension products that improve the total performance, aesthetics and durability of your vehicles, the company’s products are often used by other companies in suspension packages.

Bret Voekel’s Ridetech is one such company. Ridetech is known for its air ride technology, but when it comes to coil spring suspension, Ridetech incorporates Hyperco springs. The relationship between the two companies works because of the consistency, quality, and delivery of performance. Hyperco is able to give Ridetech the answers they need when developing a new suspension system.

Hyperco’s Kelly Falls proudly points out the company’s racing heritage. “The winner of the 1965 Indianapolis 500, and every race since then, has used Hyperco suspension springs,” he stated. “We take more than 50 years of race-winning experience and apply it to the core of our suspension springs,” explaining why suspension companies use their coil springs.

Once offered only in blue, Hyperco has added a silver coating to its offerings. “Racers are familiar with silver springs, so we decided to make that available to them,” added Falls.

For more information on Hyperco’s line of coil springs, visit them online at www.hypercoils.com. And for more information on Ridetech and its products that include Hyperco springs, visit them online at www.ridetech.com.