DiabloSport has always been one of those companies who leverages technology to provide vehicle programmers-and hot tunes-designed to pump up the power of your late-model ride. The company’s newest concept for the masses, the Trinity T2 programmer/in-cab display, marks a solid advancement for the firm with respect to easy-to-use tools for the consumer to operate.

The original Trinity was packed with options including baked-in DiabloSport performance calibrations along with the option to add custom tuning from the calibrator of your choice; the Trinity T2 continues to offer these options.

The large display offers the ability to monitor many inputs at once.

Where the T2 steps away from the pack is with its use of an all-new capacitive touch 5-inch display and an all-new high-speed processor option. The new, quicker processor vastly improves the read-write times when putting a new calibration into your vehicle’s PCM.

With the new touchscreen, you can set alarms for specific parameters, flip between gauge pages on the fly, and even access the main menu with a simple swipe up or down. Like the first-gen Trinity, each of these pages can be configured by the user to display the parameteres which are most important to them.

Performance testing with 0-60 mph and quarter-mile measurements is available, and there will be a wideband monitoring option for gas vehicles and an EGT option for diesel vehicles; these will display on-screen as well. It can be updated via WiFi, and even more impressive, you can purchase multiple user licenses and tune more than one vehicle with the same unit.