In Australia Pedders is synonymous with the performance aftermarket. If you have a car or truck that you are engaged in modifying, chances are there are Pedders parts on it. Across the pond, they even have drive-up Pedders garages, where you can roll in stock and roll out all outfitted with suspension, brakes, bushings, and other go-fast parts.

IMG_5129Here in the US, Pedders is a little less know, but is gaining momentum. We stopped by the Pedders booth at SEMA 2016 to see the wide range of parts available to consumers. Applications from Pedders USA span foreign and domestic marques.

Most widely known for their suspension packages, Pedders is offering the direct-fit strut lineup that allows enthusiasts to lower their car with a paired and tuned spring and strut package. For those looking for something with some adjustability on the track, there is the XA series of coilovers.

“Our philosophy deviates a lot from some of the other suspension companies. We want to deliver a really nice balanced ride, not just stiff. It’s got to work in the real world,” explained Angel Robles of Pedders.

Beyond dampers, Pedders has a huge lineup of other suspension parts including camber adjustment plates, and rubber or urethane bushings. “With 65,000 SKUs we can easily overwhelm ourselves!” Robles of Pedders told us.


A range of camber adjustment plates were on display.

The appeal of Pedders parts come down to some fun elements Robles outlined; “the Australianess of it, the durability and the real world applications.”IMG_5132