We all see those ads online for suspension kits at to-good-to-be true prices, and like most industries, you get what you pay for in the automotive world. Improving the stance and handling of any car is a priority modification, Koni is making the connections to help you make that happen.

“You can go on eBay, buy a coilover kit or a drop-on spring and sleeve kit, and put it on your factory shocks for $50-80 for a whole car. But you’re not going to have something that’s designed for the car, it will be generic. You can see that the car is lowered but the moment the car moves … it’s not a good thing,” said Lee Grimes of Koni.

IMG_5064“You want to refine the car, you want to improve the car, and this is just messing with the car. Springs and shocks work together, you want to make sure you get a balanced package.”

To help ensure customers do not end up with a mismatched set of springs on their dampers, Koni has instituted a partnership with global spring supplier Eibach. With the quality control of both performance aftermarket entities, enthusiasts can rest assured the suspension package they install will perform to their liking.

“At SEMA 2015 we announced it, we kicked it off with 75 kits and 100+ applications. We just finished stage two which extends us to over 250 kits and over 350 applications across the entire range,” Grimes remembered.

IMG_5063“We know that probably 70 percent of the Konis we sell start life, or at sometime in their life, will be partnered with lowering springs. We want to make sure it’s a good partner and a good program and that they’re well-fit.”

If you’re shopping for lowering springs, consider a paired package where the engineers have pre-matched the parts for optimal performance.

“We’re doing it with both the Koni Sport adjustables and the street non-adjustables, so we have two different price points,” Grimes concluded.{ad:BLOCK}