BilletSpecialtiesSEMA2016-30If you had to venture a guess at what Billet Specialties does for the performance aftermarket, the name says it all. Providing us gearheads billet components for our pride and joy, the components range from steering wheels to front drive kits to some of the most amazing looking wheels on the market.

This year at SEMA, Billet Specialties introduced its new Win Lite wheel for the street and strip market, providing a strong wheel with weight reduction technology taken from the three-piece wheel line to remove unnecessary weight from the back side of the bolt pad.


Nick Villani, Design Engineer for Billet Specialties told us, “Every pound on a wheel can be the equivalent to 10 pounds of rotational force. Some wheels are over-engineered, and in the areas where we remove weight there is nothing sustainable to sacrifice strength.”

What that translates to for the vehicle owner is better 60-foot times, a lighter wheel with a fresh new look, and the option of single or double beadlock applications, and that equates to a winning combination.

The WinLite wheel is SFI certified, with a forged 6061-T6 black hard coat anodized and machined center with a spun outer rim for strenght and trueness. Currently available in 15- and 17-inch sizes, plans for the Win Lite wheel include other, larger sizes as well. You can find the Win Lite wheel and other billet goodness at the Billet Specialties website, and follow them on Facebook for news and information.