As one of the original performance companies, Crane Cams has a long and storied history in the performance aftermarket. They’ve been hard at work developing new products, and have a brand-new hydraulic roller lifter available now that offers a number of interesting features.

crane1Older vehicles that were designed initially to use a hydraulic camshaft have been at a disadvantage in terms of performance and reliability - until now. The new Crane Cams Energizer Retro-Fit Hydraulic roller lifters are built for high performance street use and offer owners the ability to convert over to this modern product, and the benefits are many. Reduced friction, an increase in RPM capability, and more horsepower and torque are all the result of installing this system into your older hotrod.

The new Energizer lifter body is crafted from billet M20 steel and heat-treated to provide reduced wear and better performance. Says Crane’s Alan Bechtloff, “They’re targeted for the folks with the 1960’s-1980’s muscle cars, and those cars all came with a flat tappet camshaft. Since so many of those cars are unique with matching heads and blocks, the new Energizer design is a wonderful way to put a drop-in roller lifter into the engine and get them more performance and reliability. The tappet velocity is much higher with a roller camshaft compared to a flat tappet camshaft, and the roller produces increased area under the curve since it can follow a much more detailed shape on the lobe.”

Custom tool-steel camshaft core - these can be cut to whatever dimensions are required for the application.

Custom tool-steel camshaft core - these can be cut to whatever dimensions are required for the application.

The Energizer roller lifters use a .700-inch diameter needle bearing roller wheel, and must be paired with a compatible camshaft. The link-bar lifters require no other special equipment for installation.

They are recommended for street high performance engines with compression ratios up to 10.5:1 and a camshaft with 230-240 degrees of duration at .050-inch.

Crane has also introduced a new break-in oil with special additives designed to service those customers that require the flat-tappet camshaft.

In addition, they were touting their custom camshaft grinding services - they can build camshafts for single-cylinder all the way up to exotic engines like Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Also on display were some of their new tool-steel camshafts that can be produced for one-off engines that have had their lifter bores or other dimensions altered. More information in the video - check it out!