When you are building a high-performance truck or car and looking for a starter, or replacing a starter in your rig, you are going to want something that can really kick that high-compression engine into gear now, not later. Powermaster Performance Starters and Alternators has exactly what you need.

The company offers hundreds of applications for almost every type of vehicle, and has formulas on its website that you can use to determine the perfect alternator to fit your application. You simply add up the amp draw of all the electrical accessories installed on your vehicle to determine what output the alternator for your vehicle should be, then choose from Powermaster’s many available options for your vehicle.


Powermaster’s new Ultra Torque HS starter is offered for GM (pictured), Ford and Mopar applications.

Powermaster also offers a full line of high-performance starters. While at the 2013 SEMA Show, we talked to Brady Basner, sales manager at Powermaster about one of its new starter products, the Ultra Torque HS. “It spins 20 percent faster than a stock equivalent, and is meant for guys that are running alcohol, magnetos or triggers. Our engineer worked hard on this unit and designed it with a serrated plunger for better heat dissipation. It provides faster starts, with almost no kickbacks.”

The Powermaster Ultra Torque HS Starter also features a 3.73:1 gear reduction, fitment with most kick out oil pans, it works with 12 or 16 volt systems, has a 2.5kW 3.4 HP motor, is built on a machined billet adjustable mounting block, and weighs just 10.5 pounds.

The unit also features an HD coil to provide strong positive engagement, and there is a high-temperature version available. The Powermaster Ultra Torque HS Starter is offered for GM, Ford and Mopar applications, but the company can build it for almost any vehicle. The Ultra Torque HS is made in the USA.