All too often getting exactly what you want in a new car just isn’t available. Whether you’re purchasing a new vehicle or used, the simple fact of the matter is, there isn’t enough factory-equipped vehicles being produced with a sunroof. Webasto isn’t just in the business of producing sunroofs either. Webasto is about feeling the drive; enjoying that open air feeling. Webasto has also made modifying your current vehicle or purchased vehicle at a dealership painfully simple.

Supplying the largest OEM and aftermarket sunroofs to many of your favorite manufacturers, Webasto has the ability to provide trust in their excellent line of quality products, including their full feature deluxe inbuilt sunroofs and specialty sunroofs in their Multi-panel panoramic series.

Of course, the Webasto line of sunroofs doesn’t end there. While fully-functioning sunroofs are available, standard, economy and pop-up style sunroofs feature the attractive sunroof feeling while still remaining in your budget.

To further the sunroof experience, Webasto has created unique features and functions built into each sunroof for that unquestionable factory-finish appearance. This would include features like illuminated soft touch controls, which open or close the sunroofs with a single tap. Also, an integrated safety system which prevents closing if an object is detected.

Think adding a sunroof to your current platform isn't financially feasible? Webasto works closely with each installer and dealership, which allows the extra cost of the sunroof to be added into your payment plan.

For more information on how you can add a professionally installed Webasto sunroof into your current vehicle, make sure to check out Webasto’s consumer friendly website. Their Dynamic Application Guide allows customers to select the make/model/year of most vehicles; making the process that much simpler.