It’s always nice when there are companies in the aftermarket like the Drake Automotive Group that constantly aims to produce new products for our early and late-model Mustangs year after year. At the SEMA show Drake had a wide variety of new parts available, but here were a few of our favorites.

First up are their 7-inch round halogen sealed headlamps. “In the old days it was a tungsten headlight and in current times we use halogen,” said Scott Drake of Drake Automotive Group. “This helps you see the road better and the FoMoCo script gives it a very concourse look. But this is not for just Mustangs, it has applications for trucks, Broncos…a very very wide application.” Drake took the NOS original Ford lights and duplicated them in appearance while improving them with the latest in halogen lighting technology.

According to Drake, the halogen headlamps produce more than double the lighting power of the original tungsten bulbs. While there were two options originally for these headlights, Drake has decided to reproduce the more rear reverse raised logo version, which is more attractive and easier to read.

Another great, new product that caught our eye was their new 8,000 rpm and 6,000 rpm Rally Pac. “This was an original Ford accessory for ’65,” said Drake. “It comes with a tachometer and clock - one says Rally Pac right on the bridge between the two gauges and the other one doesn’t. The difference is that is a factory product from Ford Motor Company when the cars were built. The other one was a dealer installed accessory - we make them both.”

Additional new products include a coolant overflow tank, LED turn marker side view mirrors, wood-style steering wheel, and an injection molded gauge cluster.

This is a great add on for anyone still utilizing the factory gauges on their first generation Mustang, as a tach was not an option on many Mustangs. Drake says that these are the only Rally Pacs designed to work with most modern ignition systems!

Regardless if it’s sheet metal, electrical, or new chrome, the Drake Automotive Group has you covered!