The S197 Mustang, and especially the 2011+ Coyote-powered models, are extremely versatile vehicles. You can go drag racing, autocrossing or to the road course and perform well with them. If you’re one of those folks that like to do all three, figuring out an appropriate suspension combination can sometimes be a burden. Lakewood Industries has solved that problem by introducing their all-new Evolution suspension system.

The silver 2013 Mustang served as the stock comparison to Lakewood's Evolution-equipped 2011.

Lakewood’s Evolution could be considered their race line of suspension components, featuring more adjustability and hiem joints throughout. Their previous (and still in production) Modern Muscle X line is a little more subdued with poly bushings and has slightly less frills for those looking to keep it simple.

Having both on there at the same time really helps for both types of racing. – Jeremy Weilnau.

On hand at SEMA were two Mustangs – one bone stock 2013 and Lakewood’s own R&D 2011 that was equipped with their new Evolution line. We had a chance to ride in both, and we can tell you their is a drastic difference. The Evolution system system feels much more planted and doesn’t feel “floaty” like the stock suspension. Brake dive is all but eliminated and cornering confidence through rough roads is strengthened.

Fully equipped, the suspension system features both a torque arm for drag racing and watts link for handling. “Having both on there at the same time really helps for both types of racing,” says Lakewood’s Product Manager Jeremy Weilnau. “The torque arm helps control the back and fourth motion of the rearend while the watts link controls up and down.”

There has been more updates done to the Evolution suspension system than we can even begin to talk about. We encourage you to stop by their website to learn more.