Converting from carburetor to electronic fuel injection is not only easier with Holley’s new Terminator EFI system, but it also adds a little more race character to the engine bay.

“The throttle body is based on our NASCAR design,” says Holley’s Bill Tichenor, noting there’s a choice between tumble-polish or Hard Core Gray finishes. “We wanted it to look good and visually stand out.”

The fuel connections can be either feed or return for easy plumbing.

The Terminator consists of a 4-barrel throttle body with four integrated fuel injectors, an electronic control unit (ECU) and a hand-held programmer. All the necessary wiring and sensors come with the kit. A high-pressure fuel source is needed, so Holley also offers different fuel-pump kits. The throttle body mounts on any standard 4-barrel intake manifold with a square 4150-style flange and comes with four 80 lb/hr injectors.

“The throttle body is rated at 950 cfm,” says Tichenor. “Terminator will support engines up to 600 horsepower.”

Terminator will support engines up to 600 horsepower.
— Bill Tichenor

Making the Terminator swap an easy weekend project is a self-tuning ECU, which means the owner doesn’t need computer experience to program the fuel maps. Once the system is installed on the engine, the hand-held programmer helps the user enter the base setup for the engine. The ECU then monitors the engine functions and continually adjusts the tuneup for optimum performance.

“The customer can also hook up a laptop and do his own programming. They can start out with our set programs; and then when they feel comfortable with the system, they download the sofware,” says Tichenor. “From there they can program for nitrous or boost or other performance applications.”

The Holley Terminator comes either tumble polished or with a Hard Core Gray finish.

Holley designed the Terminator throttle body using the same venturi inlet configuration found on its NASCAR EFI throttle bodies and also with extensive use of CFD analysis. The sensors are integrated into the throttle body and are prewired for simple hookup to the wiring harness. Underneath, there’s a patent-pending annular discharge fuel ring to improve fuel atomization. The linkage is designed to connect with most popular automatic transmission kickdowns.

The Holley fuel system kits come with either a billet or inline fuel pump, regulator, filters, Earl’s hoses and all the necessary hardware to install the fuel lines.