An affordable upgrade from a street-type carburetor into the fuel-efficient world of electronic fuel injection was exactly what Edelbrock engineers were strived for when they developed the E-Street EFI system. Affordable, universal and simple to install and use are the hallmarks of their efforts.

The E-Street EFI offers everything you need to upgrade to EFI in one complete system.

When you open up the box, everything is there.
— Mark Honsowetz

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems can seem complicated with several different sensors and electrical boxes controlling everything from the fuel pump to ignition controls. That’s not the case with the E-Street EFI system, which is designed to fill the void between a carbureted system and Edelbrock’s multi-point engine management system. The E-Street EFI is a universal throttle body fuel system that is virtually hassle-free and ready to run right out of the box with preloaded tunes.

“When you open up the box, everything is there. You get the throttle body with all the sensors already assembled to it. You get a labeled harness so all you have to do is hook up the connections, mount the ECU, install an O2 sensor in the exhaust and hook up your fuel system and away you go,” says Edelbrock’s Mark Honsowetz.

Edelbrock's new sump style fuel system makes converting to a high pressure EFI system even easier than before.

Offering a choice of three different fuel systems to simplify the installation, Edelbrock’s new sump style fuel fuel system is sure to be popular.

“The sump-style fuel system simplifies the installation for the end user,” adds Honsowetz. “It mounts anywhere in the engine compartment and is supplied by the mechanical fuel pump feed line. The sump has a high-pressure electrical pump inside it, which feeds the EFI system. You don’t even have to get under the car to hook this fuel system up.”

Another unique feature of the E-Street EFI is the wireless Bluetooth tablet interface.

A return line system can also be used with the E-Street EFI, as well as a PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) system, which requires an electric fuel pump to be mounted close to the fuel tank.

One highlight of Edelbrock’s EFI system is the Bluetooth wireless tablet control. The tablet is already sync’d with the ECU when it is shipped, so when the unit is turned on it’s ready to go. Initial setup for the system is conducted through the wireless tablet by a series of four or five responses to programmed questions. After setting the unit up for engine size, number of cylinders and idle control, it is ready to operate.

Edelbrock’s E-Street EFI offers all the benefits of fuel injection without the complications of installing a cumbersome wiring harness or knowing how to manage complicated fuel maps in a computer.

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