These days, paint can make or break a build. With such the case, it’s important to make sure that whichever color you choose, it counts. Every year, SEMA allows each manufacturer to strut their stuff and wow the crowd. This year was no different for DuPont Performance Coatings.

The DuPont booth was hard to miss. With a colorful array of freshly painted panels, we couldn’t help but find out more. We quickly learned that DuPont Custom Finishes has introduced a line of 24 new CFX Candy Basecoat colors.

Traditional candy colors consist of a tri-coat application, which includes a basecoat color, a transparent candy color followed with a clearcoat.

The result creates an illusion that leaves the impression of unbelievable color depth, saturation and gloss that cannot normally be obtained using a standard basecoat and clearcoat system. This process also makes the painting task more challenging and a match extremely difficult.

We needed to know more and sat down with a DuPont representative who went on to explain, “Spraying DuPont Custom Finishes CFX Candy Basecoat colors provide the same vibrant color and dimension of a candy with the ease of a application and color match of a normal two-stage basecoat.” Furthermore, “The new basecoat candy formulas are designed to provide a variety of color options that are easy to apply even for a novice painter.”

The 24 CFX Candy Basecoat Colors:

  • Candy Apple CFX
  • Razzle Berry CFX
  • Chicago Rose CFX
  • Scarlet Night CFX
  • Midnight Blue CFX
  • Skyrocket CFX
  • Bahama Blue CFX
  • Blue Moon CFX
  • Mythic Forest CFX
  • Winter’s Green CFX
  • Snake Skin CFX
  • Irish Clover CFX
  • Electric Lime CFX
  • Limo Yellow CFX
  • Purely Purple CFX
  • Lilac Mist CFX
  • Mystic Magenta CFX
  • Root Beer CFX
  • Lava CFX
  • Beyond Bronze CFX
  • Desperado Gold CFX
  • Sunburst CFX
  • Burning Brick CFX