BluePrint Engines has their ears close to the ground. They’re listening and taking notes. Consumers talk and BluePrint listens. If you weren’t already aware, BluePrint Engines puts together short and long blocks and even complete crate engines. Whether you’re into Chevrolet, Ford or Mopar power, BluePrint has the correct engine combination for your application.

BluePrint's Ford 306 pumps out 390HP and 370lb-ft.

Last year, BluePrint introduced their own personal line of small-block 195cc Chevrolet cylinder heads. This year, they’ve gone over the top; bringing out a full line of complete cylinder heads, a more affordable crate engine packages and even a machined BluePrint casted big-block.

First off was BluePrint’s newest line of Ford power. BluePrint brought out their custom Ford 306 crate engine package. It includes a seasoned block, roller camshaft for the street and BluePRint’s very own line of aluminum cylinder heads for a street-friendly 9.5:1 compression.

This means you won’t break the wallet keeping your tank full and at only $3,499, it’s a sure bet. What’s more, every engine comes balanced, blueprinted and dyno tested.

Aside from a full line of aluminum heads for both Chevrolet and Ford fans, BluePrint is proudly introducing their tall deck big-block Chevy. It comes full machined and ready for assembly.

For the Chevrolet fans, not to worry. BluePrint has now revamped their current line of Chevrolet crate engines to include the BluePrint blocks and cylinder heads. What’s this all mean? Well, according to their head of marketing, Dru Freese, “This allows BluePrint to offer our current line of crate engines at a lower cost.”

BluePrint’s Chevy 632 now features 815HP and 800lb-ft. with use of a BluePrint tall deck block, aluminum heads, all forged internal components and 10:1 compression, which means it will still run on pump gas. Every engine comes dressed with the intake, carburetor, balancer, plugs and wires. At $11,599, this package is hard to beat.

For more on what BluePrint can offer your application, make sure to check out for additional information.

BluePrint's Chevy 632 is one example of their complete crate engines. This package includes the BluePrint block and heads.