There’s no doubt about it, muscle cars are officially back! The resurgence of these high horsepower vehicles has made us very happy. However, the saying “as more things change the more they stay the same”, really applies here. While suspensions systems have improved in these modern vehicles. Muscle cars have always been designed with the straight line in mind. So if you own a modern muscle car and want to make it take a corner better, you might want to check out Whiteline’s Modern Muscle Suspension systems.

“We got a great suspension line up for Modern Muscle cars - Charger, Camaro, and also the ford mustang,” said Andy Nolan of Whiteline. “Our motto is activate more grip, and that’s how we design and engineer our products. We deliver more grip to the vehicle, and basically change a sloppy car to something that’s really sharp and nimble around the corners. ”

For the modern muscle suspensions Whiteline offers a variety of kits to help activate more grip:

  • Adjustable sway bars, stabilizer bars or anti-roll bars
  • Chassis control bushings
  • Camber and toe Kits
  • Caster kits
  • Anti-lift kits
  • Roll center and bump steer correction kits
  • Strut and chassis bracing

The one thing that caught our eye was how much detail the Australian based company offers in their products. For instance with the rear sway bar kit they have in their mustang, they noticed that by attaching the rear sway bar system that it added to much pinion angle. So instead of just ignoring the problem, they created a way to solve the issue with brackets that come along with the system that solves the issue.

Also unveiled at the 2011 SEMA show was their new synthetic bushings which offers an unheard of lifetime warranty. “We did a lot of testing and development of materials that would offer strength and durability,” Said Nolan. “We came up with a synthetic Elastomer that delivers the combined physical advantages of a solid bushing, with the extreme flexibility characteristics of rubber.”

For more information on their complete line of products make sure you visit Whiteline’s home on the web at