Along with their new Stage I and II clutch kits for the Camaro and Corvette, the folks at Exedy Racing Clutches have also shown the blue oval faithful some love with a new high performance, aftermarket clutch kit for the 2011-12 5.0L Ford Mustang.

This twin plate clutch unit features a one piece, forged chromoly flywheel with anti-rust properties, giving it plenty of life as you travel up and down the abrasive roadways. These units are designed for high powered Mustang applications being driven on the street, at the drag strip, on the road or autocross course, and other off road uses. These cerametallic, multi-disc clutches come with a lightweight, chromoly steel flywheel with a forged, anodized aluminum clutch cover. As well, they sport a strap drive unit, which virtually removes all intermediate gate noise.

Rated at an impressive 847 ft-lbs of torque, there’s little doubt these clutches will deliver all the high-end functionality and durability you’d need to mate with your high horsepower boosted or nitrous-fed Coyote powerplant.

  • Forged chromoly flywheel
  • Lightweight chromoly steel flywheel
  • Forged, anodized aluminum clutch cover