One of the easiest, classic cars to restore is the first generation Mustang. Easy in the sense that there a broad range of companies out there that produce everything from brand new chassis to taillights, in which most of these reproduction parts can be obtained for pennies on the dollar. Though when it comes to creating QUALITY reproduction parts, there is a broader line that separates off shore companies from industry-known companies like Scott Drake. Fitment plays a big part of the quality, but even getting the right texture and color of a reproduction part is half the battle. Also, that cheaper chrome part might look good now, but will it hold up over the years? Doubt it.

The above photo illustrates the difference between the factory headlight's brightness (passenger side) versus Scott Drake's new sealed halogen lamp (driver side).

We took NOS new original Ford bulbs and duplicated them in appearance while improving them with Halogen lighting technology.

New from Scott Drake is their new sealed halogen headlights designed for early model Mustangs. These new headlights are a FoMoCo script (original Ford script) headlight that’s a halogen light that are 40% brighter than the factory tungsten lights. Over the years Ford offered two FoMoCo script versions: one sand blasted etched logo, and the other a prominent reverse raised FoMoCo logo. Scott Drake chose to reproduce the rare, highly sought reverse raised logo version, which is more attractive and easier to read.

Also Drake Automotive Group’s new division includes late-model muscle car parts, though it still weighs heavily on the late-model Mustang crowd. Drake is constantly building their Dodge and Chevy offerings, including a host of high quality billet pieces can be purchased - from under hood reservoir covers, to e-brake handles and even lighting surrounds. Drake Muscle Cars even produces a line of suspension components that have been used and raced by the 2009 Mustang Challenge Champion and team owner Chris Kaufmann. The suspension components range from bump steer tie rod ends, sway bars, and complete rear suspension pieces.