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1970 Mustang: Cerberus, Violetto Customs-Built “Hound From Hell”

Scott McMurry always wanted a classic Mustang but couldn't afford one. After a fortunate turn of luck, he built his dream car, Cerberus, with the help of Violetto Customs.Read More

SEMA 2018: Modern Driveline Lives Up To Its Name

Modern Driveline is a five and six-speed conversions company. It's been around for 20 years, providing transmission solutions for classic automobiles.Read More

SEMA 2018: G25 Turbos Designed for 1.8 to 3.0L Engines

The new G25-550 and G25-660 turbos from Garrett are designed specifically for 1.8 to 3.0L engines with an internal wastegate. Read More

SEMA 2018: The Garrett GTX5544 Makes Monstrous Horsepower Possible

Garrett’s 106mm GTX5544 turbo is capable of producing up to 3,000 horsepower. This turbo features a new compressor design with machine ported parts for accessories.Read More

SEMA 2018: Lucas Oil Breaks Loose With Their New Penetrating Oil

Lucas Oil has been a household name for years. Their new products for 2019 were nothing short of impressive when we stopped by thier booth during SEMA 2018. Read More

SEMA 2018: Lucas Oil’s New Low Viscosity Oil Stabilizer

Building upon the success of its proven, long-standing Heavy Duty Stabilizer, Lucas Oil has developed an all-new Low Viscosity Oil Stabilizer product. Read More

SEMA 2018: GDI Cleaner Will Help Your Direct Injected Engine Last

Lucas Oil GDI cleaner is designed to work with gasoline direct injection engines to clean the valves. The first time the GDI cleaner is used it will help to remove 35-40% of the carbon buildup inside the port. Read More

SEMA 2018: Breathe Deep With Volant’s Refreshed Intake Kits

Volant Performance has revamped their line of intake kits to provide your ride with the fresh air it needs. An updated box construction provides serious durability and keeps performance-robbing heat out.Read More

SEMA 2018: Odyssey Series Batteries Provide Power For Your Vehicle

The Odyssey Performance Series Batteries use pure led plates that are thin so more of them fit inside the battery and provide extra power. Read More

SEMA 2018: LINE-X’s Slick Raptor Build With Unique LXP Tonneau Cover

LINE-X brought out a 2017 Ford Raptor to the SEMA Show, sporting a unique and new LXP hard folding tonneau cover. It features LINE-X's renowned, durable coating, and stays tough against the elements.Read More

SEMA 2018: QA1 Introduces The New Mod Series Shock

The Mod shock allows users to retune the shock’s valving while it’s still on the car. There are many different valving options available for the Mod shock that allows it to work in many different applications.Read More

SEMA 2018: Factory Five Racing Builds Type 65 Coupe Onsite In Vegas

Factory Five Racing built a Type 65 Coupe in 30 hours at SEMA 2018. The goal was to drift the car at the end of SEMA and they did just that.Read More

SEMA 2018: SCT Introduces Advantage X Custom Tuning Software

Long known for its custom tuning products, SCT is modernizing the tuning software for its custom calibrators. The Advantage X software is cloud based, and features a slew of user interface upgrades.Read More

SEMA 2018: New SPEC Clutches — Ford Mustang, Honda Civic Si, Type R

SPEC can handle just about any application, whether it be street, drag, pulling, off-roading, rally, drift, autocross, or road racing. They had three new clutches at SEMA: Ford Mustang, Civic Si, and Type R.Read More

SEMA 2018: The New 1450-Horsepower G42 Turbo From Garrett

The new Garrett G42-series turbocharger is capable of making 1,450-horsepower. This newly designed turbo is applicable on any engine from 2.0 to 7.0-liters.Read More

SEMA 2018: Performance Distributors Live Wire Plug Wires

Plug wires are as much about as form as they are function, and Performance Distributors' Live Wires are precisely that, with space-age heat-resistant sleeving available in a range of colors and markers.Read More

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