If you have a autometer electric speedo and want to convert that to a GPS driven speedo, all you have to do is install this into your street rod.

One of the often battled problems when restoring or customizing a ride is getting the speedometer to read correctly once you have changed the tire size or the rear-end gear from the way it left the factory. But what if there was a way you could change tire sizes, or gears without ever having to calibrate your speedometer again?

That’s just what has been achieved from Autometer’s new universal GPS module. “If you have an Autometer electric speedo and want to convert that to a GPS driven speedo, all they have to do is install this into their street rod,” said Jeff King of Autometer.

This will provide a better solution by using a GPS capable speedometer system that actually displays your speed and mileage from a GPS signal. It might sound a little far fetched, but there’s a reason why Autometer’s new universal GPS module just won Best New Powersports Product at SEMA 2011.

King went on to tell us how easy it is to calibrate the system, “It’s very easy to calibrate, just push and hold one button, let it go to 60mph, release the button, and the system is calibrated for distance and speed.”

  • Completely IP67 sealed
  • “Paintable” micro antenna for easy hiding.
  • Out of the box compatible
  • Lightening quick update - 10 times per second

The GPS module will turn any digital speedometer into a GPS driven speedometer and provide a great sense of security for street rod drivers to know that the speed they are seeing is being acheived in one of the most accurate ways possible.

For more information on the complete line of products from Autometer visit their home on the web at Autometer.com