Most car enthusiasts spend countless hours building and working on their projects. Time, effort, and money are usually the right recipe for a killer build. Nothing is worse than having an immaculate appearing car that everyone is drawn to, only to pop the hood and reveal a nightmare of wiring woes. WireCare has a solution to this problem.

With WireCare’s TechFlex braided sleeving, you can clean up that rats nest of a wiring problem, while protecting the wires as well. TechFlex gives you a professional look for wiring projects, and is resistant to common chemicals, solvents, and ultraviolet light. This general purpose sleeving is economical, easy to install, and cut and abrasion resistant.

Emily Reeves of Flying Sparks Garage, is a massive fan of TechFlex for several reasons. She states, “It is so vital to keep those wires away from your headers, because they can melt and leave you on the side of the road.” Emily also likes the fact that you can route the wires where you want them. Whether you need to route them away from a heat source, keep them close to the block, or spice up your engine compartment, TechFlex braided sleeving can do it all.

WireCare offers several different applications to choose from, depending on your project needs. They have a general purpose, heavy-duty, metal shielding, advanced engineering, extreme temperature, flame retardant, and many more types of sleeving for purchase on its website. If you are not sure what TechFlex sleeving would best suit your project needs, feel free to shoot them an email or give them a call. They would be happy to help.

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