Got a Fox body Mustang, or maybe an older project car you’re thinking about swapping the venerable 6R80 transmission into? Well, you’re going to need a controller for that modern transmission. Who better to turn to than US Shift? We caught up with them at the 2018 PRI Show, and they were very excited to show us the newest iteration of the Quick 6 transmission controller made specifically for those 6R80 transmissions sourced from 2011 and newer Mustangs and F-150s.

As a company that has been built on swaps, it’s no wonder street rod guys love them. When automotive enthusiasts want the classic look under the hood but modern performance out of their gearbox, the Quick 6 is perfect.

The features and benefits of the Quick 6 are numerous. As a self learning system, it comes with pre-loaded data, and no longer requires a clutch learning procedure. The Quick 6 boasts a simple setup that makes for an easy install, as well as improved shift quality. The Quick 6 builds upon the firmware used in the Quick 4 and Quick 2.

We spoke with Karl Baumann of US Shift, and he told us, “A lot of our customers are people who are putting together an engine and transmission that wouldn’t normally be mated together. Catering to them is our primary focus. We’re constantly working to ensure US Shift is providing our customers with options to place modern drivetrain components in whatever they’re working on. We even have prototypes for the new 10-speed transmission that are out there.”

If you’d like to read more about the features and benefits of the Quick 6, and everything else US Shift offers, you can check out