Visiting the Tilton Engineering booth was a pleasure. The level of mechanical sophistication, savvy product specialists, and plenty of eye candy kept us engaged for longer than we’d planned. All technical questions were gleefully answered. For drivers seeking the greatest consistency and predictability from their braking systems, Tilton Engineering is head and shoulders above the rest.

Despite the loss of the companies founder, the legendary Mac Tilton, earlier this year, a group of long-standing employees with around 20 years of service each purchased a stake in the company to make certain that business continued as usual.

Versatile 800-Series Pedal Assembly

Evidence of that commitment is the Tilton Engineering 800-series assembly. It is best described as their mid-tier setup. Though it provides roughly 95 percent of the performance of the 900-series, it comes in at just a third of the price. Plus the 800-series doesn’t skimp on features. It is available with a slide, a high-efficiency balance bar, and high-pressure, ABS -compatible master cylinders. For race cars that are piloted by more than one driver the pedal slide upgrade at under a grand is worth every dollar.

The sliding pedal assembly allows a quick fit for different-sized drivers in race cars with an FIA-compliant fixed seating position.

Repeatable, confidence-inspiring braking requires a dependable movement and a reassuring feel, and this is attained by negating lateral movement through wave washers on either side of each pedal. Oil-impregnated bronze bushings in the pedal pivots provide smoother action and greater modulation. Additionally, a spherical-bearing-type balance bar that limits horizontal movement, PTFE-coated aluminum clevises for reduced friction. A thicker-than-usual balance bar offers greater pedal feel.


Tilton developed their new 79-series ABS-comparable high-pressure brake master cylinders alongside Audi Sport.

The 800-series also has fourteen positions and seven inches of travel when used as part of the slider system. As FIA-regulations requires fixed seats, this setup helps to quickly accommodate drivers of different heights.

The Tilton Engineering 800-series also provides plenty of adjustment in the pedal pad allows for on-the-fly tweaking of the pedal ratio, and left-right adjustment can be modified in minutes. Anything that gives drivers the sense they can anticipate exactly what the car will do that, when they hit the middle pedal will pay dividends in a dogfight. When that predictability can be replicated corner after corner, lap after lap, that ensures success.

High-pressure Motorsports ABS-compatible Master Cylinder

The 79-series brake master cylinder was developed in conjunction with Audi Sport for the ABS-equipped R8 GT3 race cars. The master cylinder would endure 5000-odd pounds of pressure when the motorsports-specific ABS system was engaged. Ultimately, this force would extrude the main pressure seal through the cutoff port. So, this setup gets away from the cutoff port with a bypass valve.


This video from Tilton Engineering provides insight into the various configurations available with the 800-series pedal set