Space under the hood is some pricey real estate, so anything you can do to save it will help your build. Canton Racing Products found a way to provide builders with an opportunity to save space by combining their expansion tank and recovery tank into one unit. This two-quart Expansion Tank with Integrated Recovery is a single package solution that’s ready to make the space under your hood larger so you can add other mission-critical parts with ease.

Typically, expansion and recovery tanks have been a burden to mount because they required separate locations under the hood and that added more plumbing to a build. Canton Racing Products was prompted by this issue to bring a custom solution to builders that would integrate both tanks into one package to promote a better layout under the hood.

“This tank is nice because it packages an expansion tank with a recovery tank into one product. This removes the need to plumb any lines from a separate expansion tank to a separate recovery tank, so it eliminates a certain level of complexity that can be an issue while freeing up a lot of space,” explains Jeff Behuniak from Canton Racing Products.

The two-quart Expansion Tank with Integrated Recovery comes ready to install with plastic caps and a sight gauge. If you want to dress things up, there’s an option to add billet caps for the tank. All of the plumbing internally between each two-quart tank is already done, so you just need plumb the tank into your system and its ready to go.