At PRI, renowned seatmaker Racetech unveiled two new seats for the racers, weekend warriors, and off-roaders alike. The first of which is the RT1000 Vinyl. Though this entry-level seat isn’t exactly new, this variant is now offered with a vinyl cover to handle situations in which the seat is likely to get wet or dirty.

Vinyl-covered race seat for applications that expose the interior of the vehicle to the elements

This updated version best suits side-by-sides, offroad racers, open-top cars, or anything that needs a little added protection from the elements. Its vinyl covering makes it a strong fit for a vintage road racer, a casual autocrosser, or something slated for the Optima Street Challenge thanks to its simple lines, unobtrusive shape, and enough bolster to support the driver while still complementing the aesthetic of a classic cabin. This fiberglass composite seat is FIA-homologated and will fit on universal seat rails, so fitment should be no issue for most mainstream models.

The RT1000 seat provides the support needed for off-road or on-track applications that require a seat that’s more weather-resistant and easily cleaned.


The other model is their new 100-series seat. Available in standard or wide and tall; with a halo or without, the accommodating 100 is a hybrid between their 4119 series and their 4009 series. Larger harness slots cater to drivers of different torso sizes, squared shoulders help improve containment, one-piece cover which keeps costs down, and a new “spacer” material allows the seat to breathe and absorbs perspiration in hot or humid conditions.

Available and standard and wide sizes, as well as with and without a halo, the Racetech 100 also features spacer panels to help keep the driver dry on humid days.

Because its designed with a backmount to cater to the regulations present in many road racing categories, the 100-series is even more robust. This helps put more pressure on upper shoulders and less stress on kidneys and ribcage in the event of a crash.

Availability and Customer Service are Two Advantages of Buying from Racetech

As 95% of their stock is always available, it’s best to reach out to the Nevada-based company for quick delivery and unbeaten customer support. Their extensive understanding of safe and supportive racing seats is delved into in this in-depth piece we ran recently, and should motivate any aspiring driver to take a strong seat—something that anyone serious about safety should take into consideration.

Racetech’s Brian Oleshak with his two new race seats that debuted at PRI, each fitting a specific market need.