With expertise in Australian muscle machines, Pedders have recently branched out into the US market with a slew of new suspension goodies for sports cars, hot rods, and more. Affordable and well-designed, these accessible upgrades are intended to help the enthusiastic novice improve their car’s handling without headache, and without compromise to ride quality. Additionally, Pedders wants its customers to receive the best support around—to make the most of its products on their cars—and so they provide great technical support, both through comprehensive manuals and responsive phone lines. With a growing catalog, Pedders aims to help its growing network of customers turn street cars into usable track day weapons.

SportsRyder Supercar Coilovers

External reservoirs provide the double-adjustable Supercar damper set with fifty percent more capacity.

The first item from Pedders’ collection which caught our eye was the SportsRyder Supercar coilovers. Optimized for drivers who want more track-oriented performance, these monotube coilovers are equipped with remote reservoirs, which increases shock volume by fifty percent for longer track sessions. They offer height and camber adjustment—and the bump and rebound settings are independently adjustable, so they promise to help dial in a sports car for on-track antics.

For improved steering feel, steering response, and camber adjustability, the front shocks use adjustable camber plates and a roller bearing top spring seat for smoother steering response and easier return to center. This is achieved by dividing the articulating and rotational loads between the camber plate’s spherical bearing and the roller bearing’s upper spring seat, respectively. They’re available for a bevy of current sports cars both domestic and import—Pontiac G8s, Subaru BRZs, Ford Mustangs, and Chevrolet Camaros are only some of the major models currently supported.

TrackRyder eXtreme XA Adjustable Coilovers

Pedders new TrackRyder eXtreme XA Adjustable Coilovers are targeted at the street rod market.


The TrackRyder eXtreme XA Adjustable Coilovers are new to the US market; catering to hot rod builders looking for more performance-oriented shocks. The double-eye monotubes come with a variety of springs for smooth or craggy roads, thirty-way bump and rebound adjustments, and urethane bushings to retain a respectable level of comfort. With the ability to raise or lower the car without changing the pre-load or lower spring seat position, the eXtreme XA shocks offer ease and adjustability for weekend warriors, rod builders, or street tuners.


SportsRyder EZiFit Suspension Kit

Sports Ryder EZ provides a matched set of springs and dampers for simple installation.

For those merely trying to dip their toes in the tuning water, Pedders has designed their SportsRyder EZiFit shocks and matching springs. For instance, some initiates might want to simply lower their car, but fail to address the affected areas once they install a set of lowering springs. The EZiFit line is designed as a simple yet thought-out system which accounts for all the relevant areas. Included are matched SportsRyder gas shocks and springs, bump stops, boot kits, and ride-softening top mounts—some are even available with offset mounts for more camber and caster. Most importantly, this tested setup will complement the OEM suspension components for quality assurance and performance.

This upgrade can be installed easily in one’s garage in a short amount of time, and is available for the Volkswagen Golf, Subaru BRZ, Ford Mustang, and more. Truly, this is the simplest and most satisfactory way to extract more handling without a hint of headache, and even a standard warranty at entry-level pricing.

Any way one chooses to go, they’re in for worlds of handling brilliance. For more on the varied and thought-out catalog, you can consult Pedders’ website here.