Heat can do untold amounts of damage under the hood to delicate components and it’s also a huge cause of horsepower loss. Racers are always looking for different ways to mitigate each of these problems any way they can. Design Engineering Inc. (DEI) has developed a way to eliminate the amount of horsepower you can lose in your oil with their Oil Filter Heat Shield.

Unless you have a remote oil filter system, your oil filter is going to be soaking up a lot of heat generated by the engine based on it’s close proximity to the oil pan and other heat generating parts. As your oil flows through the filter, it is being exposed to this additional heat bringing up its ambient temperature. Since DEI is in the business of reducing heat-related issues in your engine bay the Oil Filter Heat Shield was a natural fit for them to develop.

Tim Musiek from DEI explains just how easy and beneficial adding an Oil Filter Heat Shield can be for your engine.

“These filters are made from our Reflect-A-Cool material so they are great at keeping the heat off the filter. We designed these shields to fit the most common size oil filters on the market today. This product is designed to reflect the heat away to assist with making more power and increasing the life of your oil. The Oil Filter Heat Shields are good for temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.”

The filters come in a pack of three from DEI and have an adhesive backing to help make applying them to your filters simple. If you have an odd sized filter each shield can easily be trimmed to fit with a pair of scissors.