Flex-A-Lite is a big name in automotive cooling, known for their class-leading radiators, electric fans, belt-driven fans, and transmission and engine oil coolers. We stopped by their booth at the 2018 PRI Show to check out everything they have coming out for 2019. One product that got us excited was their new line of Flex Wave Electric Fans.

This is a product that can appeal to multiple markets, be it drag racing, street performance, or even tow vehicles. Cole Quinnel went in-depth about what makes their new fans unique. Cole said, “its a universal fan, but its an improvement over our traditional straight blade fan. It can be used as a pusher or a puller, and this new Flex design moves more airflow, is a little bit quieter, and provides a decrease in amp draw. It’s a win, win, win! There’s no change in the motor or shroud, which translates to no significant increase in cost.”

Cole went on to say, “These fans come in 12″, 14″, and 16″ sizes. For a lot of people using a single fan, they will opt for the 16″ version, but what we are seeing a lot is people using two 12 inchers. No matter which size you use, they provide a 20 percent increase in air flow compared to their conventional counterparts.”

With a decrease in amp draw, increased air flow, and a very reasonable price-point, it is easy to see why these new Flex Wave fans are something people are getting excited about. For now, you’ll have to wait patiently, but the fans will be available in February 2019, so keep an eye out for updates on Flex-A-Lite’s website, and social media pages. You can find out more about their new fans and everything else Flex-A-Lite has to offer here. Stay tuned for more updates from PRI 2018!