The 2018 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show, held December 6-8 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, served as the venue for BMR Suspension to showcase its stock replacement K-Member for the Fox Body Mustang.

“It has been 40 years since the first Fox Body Mustang was sold and in that time no one has made a stock replacement K-Member, until now,” said Kelly Aiken a Mustang Sales Tech at BMR Suspension.

According to Aiken, other K-Members available utilize a plate and require other components to run springs or coilovers with modification. The BMR K-Member serves as a direct OEM stock replacement part and makes use of the stock springs. It is also 20-pounds lighter than the OEM K-Member.

The BMR K-member was designed to provide more clearance for both aftermarket headers and turbo systems, allowing easier installation and maintenance. Additionally, it offers more oil pan clearance and a 30-percent more rigid chassis.

Aiken noted the new K-Member offers an improved roll-center geometry via two A-arm mounting points and it offers improved bump-steer geometry due to the top control arm mount location relative to the steering rack.

“When you lower a car, typically you want to add spacers to the outboard side so you can lengthen the ark,” Aiken said. He noted the more length added to the ark means when the wheels move up and down, the less the part can move in and out.

“This K-Member does it all, it’s just a win,” Aiken said.

For more information, see BMR Suspension.