If you’re looking for a more-than-adequate fuel system for your ultra-high-horsepower street/strip vehicle, then Aeromotive has just the ticket in its Phantom Trifekta, which is designed for universal, on-demand, continuous-duty fuel delivery for up to 2,400 horsepower on gasoline.

The latest addition to Aeromotive’s Phantom Series fuel systems, the Trifekta, with its three 450 LPH pumps, dives into big-power applications: blown EFI vehicles with E85 up to 1,650 flywheel horsepower and 2,400 on race gas. The system features a high capacity foam-and-bladder baffle, with a billet CNC machined hat sporting dual ORB-08 outlet ports, and an ORB-08 return, and a trio of electrical bulkheads for independent pump control.

Using a custom Phantom gasket and internal C-ring, the Trifekta delivers an easy, effective Phantom installation in virtually any fuel tank or fuel cell measuring 6- to 11-inches deep. Like all of its Phantom Series pumps, no extensive fabrication or welding is necessary for installation in your fuel tank.

“This will work in virtually any car. It’s really meant to be a universal system, and like our other Phantom systems it has the bladder and the baffle. You simply cut a hole in the tank and drop it in,” says Lueg. “What we did with the single, brushless five gallon-per-minute pump, everybody wanted to use it on the street with three triples, and for late model street car applications this is a much better option for them. So we can still really do those high-high-horsepower applications and only run one pump a time, so it’s a more dynamic, on-demand system.”

Lueg notes that is by no means only a street/strip pump, and would be perfectly suited to a drag race application, but will certainly necessitate the use of the higher-flowing pumps.