Looking to add more durability and power-producing capability across a broad swath of its products, Vortech Superchargers introduced the first billet gearcase in the company’s history. This robust case is capable of supporting the kind of four-digit horsepower numbers that today’s racers and enthusiasts seek.

We are making it more rigid in order to handle the power. — Jimmy Martz, Vortech

“This is a brand-new blower and first time for Vortech that we have an all-billet case. It’s a whole new design,” Jimmy Martz, Director of Global Sales for Vortech Superchargers, told us. “We wanted to make sure that we have more internal rigidity along the width of the shaft. The longer you can make the shaft and the bearing stack, the more power that this can handle. We are making it more rigid in order to handle the power. We are rating this gear case at 1,000 to 2,500 horsepower.”

Vortech Superchargers introduced its first billet-gear-case supercharger. This new case design will drive a wide range of blower sizes and support up to 2,500 horsepower.

What really makes this rigid, durable gear case exciting is that it won’t just benefit the big racing compressors. It can also translate to some of the more streetable compressor sizes and even fit into existing kits.

“This V-17 has the large back plate to hold the larger compressor. This will hold the 102 all the way up to the 128, so we are going to do some testing to find the limits of this gear case,” Jimmy explained. “Then we created the V-15, also all billet, but it has the smaller back plate to hold the YSi, but this will also based off the same V-1 to V7 gear case size so it will bolt into the existing V-1, V-2, V-3 and V-7 brackets.”

If you are looking for that classic whirring gear noise under the hood of your hot rod, Vortech is bringing back its original gear-drive design in a new Heritage edition supercharger — the V-3H.

You remember the original V-1 A-Trim? — Jimmy Martz, Vortech

While that’s exciting news for enthusiasts pushing the power envelope, those that remember the audible whirring of a Vortech blower on a cammed-up, early ’90s hot rod will appreciate the company’s latest street offering. Vortech actually dusted off the blueprints of its original gear drive to bring back that retro sound.

“You remember the original V-1 A-Trim? It was super loud and super grindy,” Jimmy enthused. “Well, everyone wants that sound again, so we came up with the V-3H. This unit is self-lubricated, but goes back to the original gear set from 1990.”

So, Vortech is pushing hard into the future on performance while giving us a blast from the past in terms of sound. For more on these and other new offerings, check out the company’s official site here.