Racepak LLC brings data acquisition into the cloud with their new Vantage CL1 data kit. This 2017 SEMA award-winning product revolutionizes logging, reviewing and sharing performance data on and off the racetrack for both vehicle and driver. Developed first for karting, the big reveal at the PRI show was universal availability for any motorsport.

“Everybody’s first comment was ‘I don’t have a go-kart, I have a car,’” Chris Vopat says. “We just introduced OBD integration for standard tach signal. Everything goes through the cloud and is all GPS-based. When you are at a track and start your engine, it starts up automatically, quickly knows what track you are at, and you see the data stream. It works with any smartphone.”

The data recorder maps RPM, gear, speed, lap times, best lap, and more. Eight sensors (four digital, four analog) are available and will collect wheel speed, pressures, temperatures, and more and send it via Bluetooth to your phone. All data from your day of racing can then be watched in real-time or played back any time in the future on any iOS or Android mobile device or computer. A user only needs to log-in to the subscriber account to view from anywhere in the world.

“We basically have every go-kart track around the world, every dragstrip, and most of the road race tracks,” Vopat continues. “Wherever you show up, chances are we have it in our system and we’re adding more all the time. On all tracks we’ve mapped, we’ve mapped the start/finish lines. You don’t touch a thing – as soon as the car crosses the start line, it starts recording, and measures each time you cross the line again.”

Now, racers are asking when they can put the Vantage CL1 into their existing Racepak data recording system. Though it’s not yet available, Vopat mentioned that function will be coming in the next phase of product development.