The new Xtreme DI HPFP80 package is really the extant HPFP60 pump with a custom cam designed to supplement the additional pump bore size with increased camshaft stroke.

If you’ve been following the steady build of direct-injection pressure that’s jacking up the performance of modern Fords, you know the high-pressure fuel pump is the key that unlocks the big-power door. Now the specialists at Xtreme DI have created a pump and cam combo that will support four digits with direct injection.

“All of this derived from the work on Ryan Brown’s black F-150, which produced 600 wheel horsepower with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost,” Uwe Ostemann of the Xtreme DI explained.

The combination of pump and camshaft delivers 265 liters per hour at 3,625 psi, which is said to be enough fuel to support 1,000 crankshaft horsepower on just direct injection.

That truck features big Borg-Water turbos and other upgrades, but it hit the power wall with Xtreme DI’s HPFP60 fuel pump, which delivered 200 liters per hour. It supported 800 crankshaft power, but making more meant pairing the increased power of the pump with a custom fuel pump cam lobe to add some stroke. This new lobe shape features a deeper base circle and smooth transitions for the fuel pump.

Just like in an engine, the big bore and stroke combines to deliver more displacement. In this case, it pushes out 2.21cc or 265 liters per hour, which should support 1,000 crankshaft horsepower with upgraded direct injectors. That means producing four digits on just direct injection without port-fuel or methanol supplements.

For more on these robust high-pressure fuel pumps, you can visit the company’s official site here.