FAST released a pair of new XFI Engine Transplant Kits For Ford Coyote Engines that incorporate control of the engine’s variable cam timing.

We already know that the Coyote-swap-the-world phenomenon is sweeping the globe, but that swell in 5.0-swap interest is spurring more aftermarket support. Among those making it easier to put some howl under your hood are the engine management experts at FAST, which just released new Engine Transplant Kits For Ford Coyote Engines.

The Coyote is becoming the next great engine-swap engine,” David Page, FAST

“The Coyote is becoming the next great engine-swap engine,” David Page, Technical Training Director at FAST, said of this kit’s genesis. “LS has obviously been widely swapped into everything under the sun, but for Fords the Coyote makes plenty of power, it looks good, and for the diehard Ford guys who want a Ford engine with a taste of modern technology, it’s the obvious choice. So, we saw a need to support that platform as a popular swap.”

Facilitating this swap, the new kits include an XFI Sportsman ECU, an XIM Ignition Module, a Valve Timing Control Module, and an Engine Wiring Harness.


“The VTC control module works on Gen 1 and Gen 2 Coyote engines. Through the XFI Sportsman it gives you full control of the intake and exhaust cams, up to 50 degrees of sweep for each,” David explained. “There is a plug-and-play harness for the VTC module for that engine. You can use it with our cable-drive throttle body and we have a lot of people using it with stack injection setups. Other than that it is the proven XFI Sportsman managing the engine and the XIM handling the coils.”

These XFI systems are available with (PN 303006) and without (PN 303007) a cable-actuated, 87mm Big Mouth throttle body.

FAST previous had a kit for those who wanted to lock out the camshaft and forgo the benefits of Ford’s vaunted Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing, but these new kits deliver the adjustment that you previously read about here.

You can pretty much have your cake and eat it too. — David Page, FAST

“The reality is a lot of people want to run the VTC module just so they don’t have to go to the trouble of physically locking out the cams, which is a big job on that engine,” he added. “However, with that module, you can tighten up the lobe separation at idle to make it sound like it has some big, monster cams in it at idle and because the tables that control the cams are load-versus-RPM indexed, as soon as you touch the throttle they return to whatever position gives the best torque at just off idle with no transition — it’s seamless. You can pretty much have your cake and eat it, too. You can have that sound and not give up part-throttle driveability.”

The FAST XFI Coyote swap kits are available with and without a cable-actuated FAST throttle body and you can learn more about them on the company’s official site right here.