On our way through the PRI Show, we came across our friends at Mittler Brothers. The company is known for its metal working and fabrication equipment, and that can be seen once again in its new miniature bead roller.

There to help us understand the product was Mike Mittler. “This bead roller is kind of the opposite of what we’ve been known for,” he said. “Typically, we keep making bigger and bigger, but we have a lot of folks that only work on the edge of a sheet.”

By virtue of its smaller size, the miniature bead roller also comes with some fringe benefits. “Instead of having a large, 24- or 36-inch throat machine, the user has a 6-inch throat machine,” said Mittler. “The user can save room in his shop, maybe even have two bead rollers, and do multiple jobs quickly with no changeover time.”

Billet aluminum makes up the frame, and there are over 100 bead roll profiles one could work with. The depth of bead can be adjusted, and Oilite bushings are fitted to offer a long lifespan.

The foot pedal has a variable speed to give users the maximum range of workability. It even goes forward and backward, and drives metal through using both shafts.

The bead roller can handle a multitude of metal types. It can handle up to 21-gauge stainless steel, 19-gauge mild steel, and 16-gauge aluminum. For the fabricator that needs to do beads but wants the ability in a smaller package, this bead roller is just what the doctor ordered. Check out more from Mittler Brothers by visiting its website.