The GForce Performance Engineering fully-fabricated 9” IRS for the 5th generation Camaro that directly bolts to the chassis cradle without additional fabrication.

It’s harder to find a newer factory hot rod that doesnt have fantastic performance-and ET slips-at the dragstrip.

Nearly all of these performance-oriented Dodges, Mustangs, Chevys and Cadillacs feature new OEM independent rear suspension technology.

The technology may be great to handle the new horsepower levels, but many racers may remember splattering an older Corvette independent rear suspension on the pavement when any combination of horsepower and increased traction was combined.

The new IRS designs may have more performance reliability than the early IRS, but add revised computer control and readily available turbo, supercharger, and nitrous kits to these street beasts and you might again contemplate that horsepower/IRS scenario.

Combine the application of a proven 9-inch Ford differential directly bolted into the horsepower levels of the Dodge Hellcat, and old school durability is there when you want to ramp up this hot rod to higher performance levels.

GForce Performance Engineering has incorporated the ultimate tough rear end for horsepower, the 9-inch differential into a bolt-in replacement rear for these late model hot rods.

The GForce Engineering fully-fabricated 9-inch IRS is available now for models of the Cadillac CTS-V, Dodge Charger and Hellcat, Dodge SRT and Scat Pack, Pontiac GTO and G8, Holden models, the Lexus SC300, Toyota Supra, Mustang, and other models with more applications to come.

“This is a complete bolt-in independent rear suspension that replaces your drive-line from the transmission back,” said Jesse Powell, President of GForce Performance Engineering. “It includes a fabricated 9-inch housing that bolts directly to the OEM mounting points. It also includes GForce bullet-proof Outlaw axles, 35-spline inner stubs, new outer stubs and multiple options for driveshafts.”

Notably, you do not see the Chevrolet 6th generation Camaros or new Corvettes listed for IRS kits. These new Chevrolet platforms incorporate a transmission/torque tube design into their rear suspension.

Powell explains, “We have our aluminum driveshafts, 850 horsepower axles, and Outlaw Axle packages for these cars.”

The GForce Engineering 9” housings are a one-piece, fabricated unit. The 9-inch kits can be purchased as a complete kit with an iron or aluminum center section. GForce can also construct driveshafts specifically designed to work with the 9-inch replacement rear and most common transmission options.