FiTech is well known in the industry for its ground-breaking EFI solutions, many of which are self-tuning and require minimal to no tuning knowledge on the end users part. And to close out 2017 on a high note, FiTech just added a new system to its lineup with the debut of the EasyStreet system at PRI.-

The EasyStreet system fits in the midrange between FiTech’s GoStreet system, which is capable of handling between 150-400 horsepower, and the MeanStreet system which is capable of handling up to 800 horsepower. The EasyStreet system is ideal for those looking to make between 400-600 horsepower and comes equipped with four flow-matched 70-pound injectors built into the throttle body.

FiTech had the new system on display in its signature matte gold color, which is eye catching to say the least, and helps retain an old-school look but with all the benefits of a modern EFI system. As with the previous systems, the EasyStreet system is self-tuning and requires very little input to get up and running.

A wideband oxygen sensor makes the self-tuning system possible and ensures that the system has the car at the ideal air/fuel ratio at all times, regardless of conditions. The EasyStreet system is ideal for high-performance naturally aspirated engines and even comes with it’s own onboard fuel pump module. This allows for a pulse-width modulated system that utilizes a return-less fuel system style, resulting in a cleaner install.

The system also comes with a handle held tuner to allow you to give the computer the initial parameters of the build and to fine-tune any other parameters of the tune you’d like, such as idle speed. With the release of the EasyStreet system, EFI has never had it so good.

FiTech’s Go EFI Tri-Power 3X2 system that was debuted earlier at this year’s SEMA show.

So, if you like making monstrous amounts of power, don’t want to have to deal with the woes of tuning a modern EFI system, but want all the benefits of having one, FiTech has you covered.{ad:BLOCK}