The 2017 PRI Show is giving us a glimpse at what’s new in the market. Today, we’re looking at Dynojet and its Dynoware RT.

“The Dynoware RT consists of upgraded electronics for our chassis dynamometers,” explained Dynojet’s Patrick Daniels. “It’s completely new electronics with new computer software as well.”

According to Daniels, the time is quickly approaching when customers will have to upgrade to stay ahead of the curve. “Old dyno electronics are no longer supported,” he said. “They will get to a point where they will have to upgrade. With the new electronics, we’ve put everything into the modules; there are no expansion modules, analog inputs, or anything of that nature. It’s already all built-in.”

Dynoware RT lets users breathe new life into older Dynojet dynoes.

This sounded like a great development for the field of dynoes. Now, a user could have the most utility in his equipment as he possibly could. “As far as electronics go, this is a full, complete kit,” said Daniels.

Included in the kit are a number of items, all geared toward updating older Dynojet dynamometers. These include a main control module, PowerCore software suite, primary and secondary inductives, remote atmospheric sensors, 10-button sample pendants, 18-tooth pickup disks with speed sensors, and all necessary cables and hardware.

Optionally, customers can pick up extras to support their dyno. Such items include wideband O2 sensors, AFR-2 modules, optical RPM sensors, and more.

Those with aging Dynojet dynoes can keep their tools running for longer thanks to Dynoware RT. Check out more from Dynojet on its website, and stay tuned for more PRI coverage.