The 2017 PRI Show gave us a glimpse at what’s new in the aftermarket. One highlight was at the AFCO booth, with the Street Fighter Series of shock absorbers, as well as the Terminator Series struts.

AFCO’s Eric Saffell walked us through these shocks and what set them apart. “Our Street Fighter shocks are OEM replacement shocks that bolt into the stock location on most popular muscle cars,” he said. “They are rebound adjustable, so users can control the damping both in the front and rear of the vehicle.”

AFCO's Street Fighter Series shock absorbers are rebound adjustable and will bolt into the stock location of a muscle car.

In terms of features, the Street Fighter Series boasts a broad range of adjustment. “The shocks can go from full-soft to full-stiff,” said Saffell. “They can accommodate a wide variety of chassis combinations, horsepower levels, and so on. These Street Fighter shocks will work very well for street and strip applications.”

On the flipside, AFCO also showcased its Terminator Series struts. “We have two different products within the Terminator Series – the tube-chassis-style and Mustang-style,” said Saffell. “The tube-chassis-style features a remote canister designed for Pro Mod and Top Sportsman applications. It’s double-adjustable and has custom valving available. The longer strut is more of a Mustang-style strut. It’s also double-adjustable and can do custom valving, too.”

AFCO's Terminator Series touts double adjustability and is geared toward street and strip applications.

Armed with shocks like these, it seems like a car could really tear up the street or strip and keep everything balanced. Check out more from AFCO by visiting its website.