Suspension plays a huge part in the performance of your vehicle, even if those parts might be kind of small. Typically, Energy Suspension works on platforms that are four years or older, since that’s right around the time that factory bushings really start to show their age. If yours are cracking, brittle and full of performance robbing play, Energy Suspension has a whole line of products to either fill in or completely replace your worn out bushings.


However, just because they focus on last years models doesn’t mean they don’t come out with products for current models. “When the new Camaro came out, we had bushings within that year. When the Mustang was released, we had bushings within the same year. [The Mustang] Had some issues with wheel hop in the back from the diff mounts and subframe mounts,” said Mike Papazani.


To really set themselves apart, Energy Suspension uses a variety of materials and various durometer stiffnesses to make sure that they have the perfect combination of NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) while still improving performance for a vehicle. That means that every insert or bushing is a special blend of formulas which is their proprietary standard that has been mastered over the past 34 years. Abrasion, heat, tear strength, memory, rebound are some of the qualities that Energy Suspension remains focused on to make sure they deliver a top notch product.


Papazani, who has been with the company for 20 years says, “It’s nice when people keep coming up to say I put your product in and it works really great.” Mike followed up with, “They put the bushing in, install it and they’re going to feel a difference.”