MG4_0293For the 2014 race season, Vortech Superchargers came out with new redesigned billet impeller wheels for their venerable YSi and Xi superchargers. The longtime boost proponents have been working hard to improve the performance of their products on the racetrack and on the street.

“For Renegade and Ultra Street Racers is our new Billet YSi which makes three to four pounds  of boost over the cast version,” says Vortech’s Lance Keck. “We also came out with a Billet version of our XI, which came out before the YSi system and performs better than we even had hoped!”

The company is working towards entry into new markets, spearheaded by a brand-new compressor that puts the big dogs of door car racing squarely in their sights.

Keck explains, “We have always wanted to be the premiere supercharger company, and the premiere class is ProMod – which is where our new top secret big guy is made for. More information on that supercharger is coming soon.”


In addition, as Vortech has positioned themselves as an air management company, not focused solely on supercharger units, they’ve also developed an intercooler design to bolt right into the brand new EcoBoost Mustang platform. The Mustang has been very good to Vortech over the years, so it makes sense for the company to continue to attack that market with full force.

MG4_0297“Our EcoBoost Mustang intercooler was made for the guy that is going to modify his car and take it from start to end. The core itself will certainly support 800 hp so it gives them  lot of room to move with very low pressure drop. Since the EcoBoost suffers performance loss from heat very easily, with our piece there will be a minor performance increase from the cooler, but it does afford you the growth in performance over the life of the ownership of the car by keeping temperatures much lower,” Keck says.