While Stack Gauges mentioned that they have a new tire pressure gauge and few other new items, their biggest accomplishment for the year would have to be the all-new LCD Motorsport Display. Commonly referred to as “race displays,” these are growing in popularity and what was once only affordable to large-budget race teams is becoming more common amongst sportsman racers. A real-time display of engine RPM, speed, gear selection, lap times, and vehicle telemetry is crucial; these really are tough to beat.

IMG_0024We were able to speak with Kris Carlson at the AutoMeter / Stack booth, and he filled us in on the advantages of their new Motorsport Display, “It is an 800 x 480, seven inch LCD. It produces 1,000 net brightness, which is about five to ten times as bright as an iPhone screen. Also, we optically bond the glass to the display which gives it a great viewing angle and reduces glare, whereas a lot of LCDs become difficult to see with a fairly oblique angel.”

Additionally, “It has onboard photo sensors so it has the ability to automatically adjust the brightness output based on lighting conditions. It has 16 multi-color LEDs which are all user configurable, and the device supports up to 20 different pages with six different templates, with more to come!”

While this product may just give you the recent competitive edge you’ve been searching for, it certainly will enable you to more accurately monitor the health of your vehicle in pressing conditions. Also, this enables you to record your performance for later review; improving consistency, and ultimately lowering your lap times.