SuperFlow says the next version of its versatile WinDyn software will be available in 2015, possibly as early as six months away.

Pat Musi Pro Mod engine on display at SuperFlow booth.

Speaking at the PRI Show, company sales and marketing manager Mike Giles says that WinDyn has been available on all SuperFlow dynos, including chassis and transmission dynos. Common software between all SuperFlow products helps cut time and improves interaction between departments in the shop.

“It cuts down on training time for employees because one operator can run all the systems,” adds Giles.

WinDyn is a full-featured data acquisition system with modern electronics and precision controls. Nearly 140 data channels are available to the user.

SuperFlow had many of its dyno models on display at PRI, including the Black Widow that can handle 3,000 horsepower up to 11,000 rpm. That kind of power was demonstrated with a massive Pat Musi nitrous-fed Pro Mod engine in the SuperFlow booth for engine enthusiasts to view.

SuperFlow has numerous other dynos to suit the needs of large and small engine shops in addition to flowbenches and torque converter equipment. Check the company’s website for more details.

Next generation of WinDyn software will be helpful in gathering data from dyno runs.