flowtech1A quick and easy way to boost horsepower on any vehicle has always been a set of exhaust headers. For reasons pertaining to cost, emissions-friendliness, and noise among others, the OE manufacturers must often compromise in this area during the manufacturing process. That leaves the aftermarket free to improve on exhaust performance, and Flowtech‘s put together a number of new offerings for the new year.

As one of the major brands under the Holley umbrella, Flowtech has the use of the company’s superior engineering abilities in their quest, according to Flowtech’s Jason Bruce.

“We’ve been working long and hard over the last fourteen years, building really good, economy, value-based products,” Bruce explains. “The Flowtech line tends to see a lot of trucks, Jeeps, early and late-model musclecars. We want to make sure we’re exceeding the customer’s expectations.”

All of Flowtech’s lineup uses stout 3/8-inch thick flanges to provide excellent sealing capability, and the headers are available in either a heat-resistant black painted finish and silver ceramic coating depending on customer needs.

flowtech2A major part of the performance improvement comes through the use of mandrel-bent tubing throughout, and each shorty header is designed to mate up with the factory catalytic pipes where possible to make installation easy – each of the company’s shorty-header designs have been engineered to remain emissions compliant. Currently, each of the applications they had on display at PRI are in the midst of approval with the California Air Resources Board to obtain their exemption number, and Bruce expects that process to be complete within the next three to six months.

The company had a wide variety of products available, with their late-model Camaro and Mustang headers receiving the most attention. Chevrolet LS, Dodge Ram, and F150 customers were also checking out the company’s wares.