It’s been a literal race to the last minute for BMR Suspension to get their 2015 Mustang suspension parts ready for this year’s PRI show. The team was able to build a myriad of components – from K-member to rear sway bar – in a few short weeks. While some of the parts you see on display are in prototype stages, BMR hopes to have product ready to ship in January.

BMR 2015 Lowering Springs

Drag race

Front – 1.25-inch drop. 150 lb/in

Rear – 1-inch drop. 800 lb/in

Street performance

Front – 1.25-inch drop. 170 lb/in.

Rear 1-inch drop. 740 lb/in


Front – 1.25-inch drop. 300 lb/in

Rear – 1-inch drop. 845 lb/in

First up is the extremely intricate front K-member, which in itself, plays a huge role into the front suspension’s rigidity. BMR claims around a 15 pound drop and that they are considering a drag race-centric K-member with a S197-type lower control arms that will allow for a much lighter K-member. A revised front sway bar keeps the body roll minimum.

Midway through the car you will find a driveshaft safety loop, that was the closest fitting carry over part from the 2011-14 Mustangs, along with a pair of bolt-on jacking rails.

At the back of the 2015 is where the magic happens. There’s still a lot of options BMR is considering with the rear suspension, but a few upgrades that have been confirm include an adjustable rear toe link, solid differential bushings, rear sway bar, subframe reinforcement brace, and beefier integral link to further reduce wheel hop.