MG3_8743When you boost your engine’s performance, the demand may not meet the supply with a stock fuel pump. One way to increase fuel pump output is with an increase of voltage to the fuel pump, and the new FuelMAX voltage booster from JMS Chip & Performance will help you accomplish that.

With three models to choose from, the PowerMAX series of voltage boosters is designed to perform and will provide a clean voltage increase with their “Boost-A” devices. The FuelMAX can increase fuel pump output by up to 80%, without having to drop the fuel tank to do so. You can also use one box now to power dual pumps.

The SparkMAX will help increase the output of Coil-On-Plug (COP) ignition systems, allowing you to run a wider gap for better economy. The FanMAX voltage booster will increase the ouput capacity of your cooling fan by increasing and regulating the voltage of your cooling fan.

Each of these PowerMAX devices provide continuous voltage and amperage with several new features:

  • MG3_8747Adjust voltage ramp in/out time
  • LED to monitor status
  • Compatible with 12V or 16V systems
  • Works on all vehicles
  • Simple installation
  • FuelMAX - 21 Volt/44 Amp
  • SparkMAX - 24 Volt/44 Amp
  • FanMAX - 15 Volt/44 Amp

Plug and Play

Also brought out to PRI from JMS was their new BoostMAX for the Ford EcoBoost engines, providing up to a 50 horsepower increase over stock in a complete plug-and-play configuration.


PedalMAX for drive-by-wire throttle systems.

BoostMAX plugs directly into the factory harness, and the advantage is that you can easily remove the BoostMAX to return to warranty status.

Similarly, the PedalMAX will plug directly inline to the throttle pedal to increase and improve throttle response on vehicles with drive-by-wire. The PedalMAX requires no tuning at all, and is fully adjustable.

Be sure to check out the JMS Chip & Performance web site for more information on these the PowerMAX line of “Boost-A” devices to help your car perform like you expect.