There was some very encouraging news at the Whiteline Performance Suspension booth at PRI this year. “We’re branching out into the Camaro and Mustang market and taking some emphasis off of the [Australian market] Falcon and Commodore parts,” says Tom Phan. “In addition, we are moving those manufacturing facilities to the U.S. It’s very important for us to be able to say that our parts are made in the U.S.”

Key to Whiteline’s new line-up of performance suspension parts for the Ford Mustang is the Whiteline Watt’s link rearend. “As Mustang owners are doing more with their cars, it was important for us to develop suspension components that helped them. The Watt’s link rear end, which we are very proud of, will help the Mustang road, drift and rally racers,” Phan adds.

“In order to help suspensions, we start by designing the bushing first. Then we build the part around the bushing,” he explained.

Bushings are the stars of the Whiteline product line-up.

It’s clear that Whiteline’s bushings are the featured star of the show, but each of the components are designed with three specific areas in mind.

“We focus on three critical areas for suspension upgrades. First is the tire contact patch. Getting as much traction as possible is a main priority in handling,” says Thom. “Second is driver confidence. We want to build a part that makes the driver feel confident in the handling of his vehicle and improve the driver’s ability. Finally, we put an emphasis on safety. It goes without saying that safety is one of the prime considerations in developing a new component.”

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